Day 4

A large crowd of patients was awaiting us again as we arrived at clinic today. Even though many of the people have to wait for most of the day to be seen, not a one of them grumbles or complains about the time. They are so gracious and thankful that we are providing them free medical care. It’s very humbling to see this same attitude day after day.

We also began to see more serious illnesses today. We saw both our first Malaria patient and our first HIV patient. The ability to test for such illnesses has been a great asset for us while we are here. Dr. Walker brought a battery powered microscope and proper tests to be able to screen in detail for such diseases.

Yesterday was our first day of clinic and we had to make due in the clinic without any electricity. Everyone was using portable lanterns, headlamps, and flashlights. We had another blessing today because the power to the clinic began to be repaired and we had proper lighting in several rooms.

On a very positive note, Amy Mason is slowly recovering from her stomach illness and no one else on the team has come down with anything so we are very thankful for both of those facts. We also had one of the patients accept Christ today which was just another humbling result of God’s work through us.

Ministering to the children has been an important part of our time here as well. The team members working with the kids today spent a lot of time just sitting with the kids. One of the neatest things was seeing some of the guys playing guitar with the kids. For a while the kids would strum guitar and the guys would do the fingerings for the notes.

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and the members of the team.

Take a look through the photos from today.

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  • Katie Wells Says:

    Hi guys! So proud of the work you are doing in Haiti! I so wish I could be there! I am amazed at the beautiful pictures, and the devastation, but I know that your wonderful group is giving hope to so many!!! You are providing the two things that every person in this world needs: 1) Showing them that they are loved, 2) Letting them know that their lives are meaningful and important! Thank you for your selflessness in providing care for the Haitian people! Sending up prayers and positive energy!!

    With Love,

    Katie Wells

  • Elaine Bosshardt Says:

    Dearest David and Robby, It is so good to hear the latest update. We prayed for you this morning, hope you are feeling better. We love you and miss you, looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

  • Brenda Lumley Says:

    This is Lauren Hollman’s mom…just wanting to thank you for sharing with us through words and pictures all that you are doing. It makes me cry every time I look at the website. We have SO much to be thankful for. Wish I could be there to give everyone a hug. I am so proud of all of you for the great work you are doing. I continue to pray for you and for the people of Haiti. ALL my love!!
    Brenda Lumley

  • Caitlin Collier Says:

    Hey guys! Great pictures! Just wanted to let y’all know I’m praying for ya! Glad to hear that Amy is getting better, and I hope everyone else stays well.

  • Allison Overmon Says:


    I’m continually impressed with your beautiful pictures. I am praying for you and the team in Haiti, and I hope these last few days are wonderful. I am so glad Amy is doing well, and please let her know that she was particularly on my heart when she was sick. I can’t wait to see you very late Saturday night!!! Looking forward to more stories and pictures from the trip!

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