Day 5

Day 5 was a fun day with the kids. We did face painting for the kids as well as a slip and slide with baby oil down a very large blue tarp. It was a riot to see the kids on the slip and slide. It took them a while to catch the hang of it. Once they did it was loads of fun. It didn’t last for too long though as the hot Haitian sun and baby oil don’t seem to mix too well.

In the clinic we saw many interesting cases. One patient came in very dehydrated and had to be put on an IV to get some fluids back in her. She told us that she had already been to a witch doctor about her illness. Because of the trip to the witch doctor, she had some sort of voodoo belt on under her shirt that supposedly helped to heal her sickness. We also ran into another case of HIV on Day 5.

Another interesting patient was a woman who was a preacher who walked from village to village and had developed acute achilles tendonitis. We wanted to keep her out there preaching so we gave her a large supply of anti-inflammatory medication and sent her on her way.

Great news today as well. Amy Mason has recuperated and made it to our nightly devotional. She is still slightly weak but she says that she is planning to work in clinic tomorrow.

Again, please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and the team.

Take a look through some of the photos from Day 5.

3 Responses to “Day 5”

  • Kay Mason Says:

    So wonderful to receive this update and know that Amy is doing much better. Thank you! These are wonderful pictures. You all are doing a great service to these people. God bless you all and stay safe. — The Masons

  • Morgan Mathis Says:

    Mommy i can’t wait tell you come home.I love you!!!……mlm
    The rest of us here know that you all are making a great impact on the people of Haiti. Keep up the good work and the Good Word. Love, dem

  • Lindsey Crosby Says:

    Go team !
    All of us are so thankful for all of you being willing to give a part of your life
    to the people of Haiti. You are giving them both physical and spiritual healing.
    May the Gospel go forth with great power on the island and we see thousands
    come to Christ! To see the smiles all of you have put on some of the faces
    we see among the destruction around you is amazing! Jesus says “Let your
    light shine before men that they may see your good deeds.” Amy, so glad
    you are feeling better. You cannot imagine how many people are praying for
    you and the team. A special hello to the “Crosby” girls!
    Lindsey Crosby

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